Arrest Authority only                                                        $ 50.00
Armed Firearm Entry only 07E (2 days)                            $120.00
Armed Security Class only 075E (3 days)                          $140.00
Armed Security (075E) with Arrest Authority (05E)            $190.00
Armed Re-Certification                                                     $ 50.00

Course Requirements
  1.Completion of Unarmed Course and Arrest Authority in order to
    receive certification from DCJS pre or post completion of Armed
    Course within the guidelines.
  2.Semi-Automatic w/ 3 magazines or Revolver with 2 speed loaders
  3.Purchase at range of 100 rounds of ammo and range fee, bring ID.
  4.Age requirement is 18+ please bring identification                                    

* Weapon Rental available for additional $15.00
* Rental of second weapon and second course of fire $30.00
* Second qualification course of fire w/ your own weapon $15.00
* Rental of belt and holster only $5.00  
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Armed Security
NOTE: Price does not include Range Lane fee of $6.00  or 
  Ammo fees. Ammo prices are based on caliber of weapon
This course is 16 hours and consists of entry level firearms training; Laws related to firearms; Liability as related to firearms. A written exam is given at the end of the classroom portion. Range qualification of the MDAC firearms course.
Armed Security Re-Certification
This course is 2 hours and consists of Handgun classroom retraining and Range qualification of the MDAC firearms course.